Bumblefoot in chickens - What is it and how to treat it

Bumblefoot in Chickens | What it is and how to treat it?

Bumblefoot is a bacterial infection that is from some bruising to the foot of the bird. Bumblefoot is not a contagious disease, and the individual bird that displays symptoms can be dealt with simply. This is treatable and curable using the recommend treatment.


If you see a large swollen foot on your chickens’ foot, you will need to administer a little first aid. It is recommended to use an old toothbrush, clean water, paper towels or an old rag to clean the bird’s foot. Then gather a nice, sharp 20-gauge needle; a bottle of hydrogen peroxide; a 3 ml syringe; a tube of topical antibiotic; gauze and tape; and paper towels or clean rags. Then follow the steps below to treat the chicken.

Bumblefoot procedure. You will want to use the following steps to drain and clean the bumblefoot infection and remove any foreign objects that have caused the problem.

Bumblefoot Stages

Step 1:

Locate the spot on the foot where the swelling is the most noticeable or prominent.

Step 2:

Poke the center of the protrusion with the needle, draining out all the pus and blood serum.

Step 3:

Look for any hard-foreign objects that may have caused the infection, this could be a piece of glass, a twig, a picker and remove it.

Step 4:

Using the needle and syringe filled with hydrogen peroxide, and flush the infected area thoroughly

Step 5:

Spray Blue-Kote (ensuring its blue, not red) or other disinfectant onto the opening and surrounding area to help the wound heal.

Step 6:

To help the speed up the healing process you will want to bandage the foot with gauze and athletic tape (vet wrap) and place the bird in a pen with a clean dry surface.

After you’ve completed the above steps your now finished, the bird will recover fully; however, any bird that undergoes this procedure will no longer be exhibition quality, as the foot will become slightly disfigured.

We hope these steps will help you notice what bumble foot is, how to treat it, and get your chicks back onto the path of healthy living! If you’ve had a chicken with bumblefoot and have any pointer tips feel free to drop your suggestion below in the comments.

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