Why should i buy chicks and started pullets from a hatchery rather than buying grown fowl from swap meets, neighbors or other places?
We recommend buying hatchery chicks because they are disease free and have less of a chance of disease exposure. When buying grown birds that have been potentially exposed to numerous diseases, and that can appear healthy at the time, could have a number of viral respiratory disease, and they may not always be symptomatic at the time and can pass the diseases to your healthy birds giving them full blown symptoms. Other issues is they could be older and appear to younger and not lay at all, have ticks or mites, or be a problem such as a bully or an egg eater! Always buy from a reputable source that participates in the National Poultry Improvement Program  (NPIP). Our NPIP # is: 21 1288

What does straight run mean?
The term “straight run” chicks that are not sexed before they are sold. Rather they are sold as a mix of male and female chicks. Ideally, 50 percent of all straight run chicks would be pullets (females); however, unless very large quantities are bought in one hatch/order, that ideal is not always met. As the chicks are not sexed, we do not actually know the ratio of males or females in straight run orders. Therefore, straight run chicks are offered at a discounted rate.

Which chicken breeds are the friendliest?
To name a few: Americana (Blue Eggs), Barred Plymouth Rock (Brown Eggs), Black Australorp (Brown Eggs), Buff Orpingtons (Brown Eggs), California White (White Eggs), Silver Laced Wyandotte, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Cuckoo Maran (Dark Brown Eggs). Honestly each chicken has its own personality. Some chickens like to be held more so than others. Its all in the hand raising (how involved you are) as they are younger and into adult stage. Its just like a teaching another other pet to be conditioned.

Do I need a permit for Poultry?
Check your town (in city limits) for any restrictions. Generally, no restrictions for counties. It is always good to be a good neighbor and make sure you do not have a noisy crowing rooster bothering a neighbor or keeping a clean coop to prevent any neighbor complaints.

When will my chickens start to lay eggs?
This can vary by breed; however, most hens will begin to lay anywhere from 18-24 weeks of age. Environmental factors and feed choices can play a role as well.


How much space do my chickens need in their chicken coop or run?
Catch a Torii Farms recommends about 4 square feet for every standard or large fowl chicken and 2-3 square feet for every bantam or smaller chicken breed. This is to prevent them from picking on one another from overcrowding. Remember the feeders/waterer's, nesting box, and roosting bars will take away some floor space. In inclement weather they will be inside most times, so you want to take that into consideration.

How do I care for day old baby chicks?
We send along a complete care guide with your every purchase. Catch a Torii Farms recommends you use a brooder lamp infrared bulb, (125-250 watt) (preferably white emitting light, instead of red, unless there is a cannibalism issue) allowing light and heat access 24/7.

Why do some of my chicks have dried droppings stuck to their bottoms (Pasty butt)?
They are not sick. Normally in nature momma hen would remove the droppings from their fluffy behinds. The reason it happens is we have a new born chick that can hardly push any droppings out, so it dribbles as their new digestive system becomes balanced and developed. The warm temperature in the brooder dries it very fast and causes it to build up if its not removed when noticed. How to remove you might ask? Hold the chick in one hand with its butt facing you and use a dry paper-towel and gently pick it off. This is a little uncomfortable for the chick but its in its best interest. If its very wet or smears you may need to wash it of with warm soapy water and dry its behind before returning it to the brooder. If their poop blocks the chicks vent and the chick cannot eliminate itself. Furthermore causing , skin tears, infection or death. Chicks that are over heated or chilled you will find it will develop more. These symptoms go away in about a week or two.'


How are chicks shipped?
Day Old Chicks, Ducks, Turkeys, and other fowl are shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS). They will be shipped priority mail or express mail depending on your location. The USPS is the only outlet for shipping chicks as they are the only ones who will accept live birds per policies. They are shipped to your local post office and the office will contact you to pick them up once they have been received. If you wish to pick up your birds locally, that is also a choice upon checkout.

Please note though we are not shipping for the 2019 season. We have a notify list once that changes if you wish to be on it please let us know! 


Why didn't I receive an order confirmation email?
You may have entered your email address wrong or its still pending a hatch date (on wait list). If you haven’t received one you can email [email protected] and we will make sure you receive one.

How do i cancel my order?
You can only cancel your order via phone and you must actually speak to someone so we can ensure your request is acknowledged and processed. Any orders placed and then canceled will have 20% of the total price deducted from the total purchase of the invoice. The difference refunded by check if paid by check and if paid by credit will have the credit card credited back at the difference. Rational for the fee: Orders paid for/booked are taken off the market for sale and are marked sold and we potentially could have a lost opportunity for a buyer if canceled. Canceled orders create book keeping and labor cost to process the canceled order, labor to recalculate deletions and adding back on the sell sheets, along with postage or credit card fees to process credits. Our chicks pricing is not formulated for canceled order cost. We do make exceptions for the 20% fee for emergencies and will move a ship date to another date; however, every effort should be made to be prepared to receive your chicks on your given date. Refunds are processed ASAP, but on busy rare occasions can take up to 3 weeks to be completed. It is customary practice for customers to order their poultry 2-8 weeks in advance of the time they would like them delivered. Because live new chicks become perishable the day they hatch, it is necessary to have them all sold well before their hatch date. Your confirmation notice will give you your hatch date. You should be very flexible around your hatch date so you can take your birds immediately to your brooder to be warmed up, so they will go to eating and drinking. See our care sheet and preparation online.

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