Is a rooster needed for your backyard chicken flock?

Is a rooster needed for your backyard chicken flock?

First when raising a flock of chickens, you know a few basic things you'll need. Start by the buying or building a chicken coop, as well as getting a poultry feeder and waterer and giving them plenty of space. You'll want to consider a fence for predictor protection as well as nesting boxes and a roost bar.

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Subsequently follow the more burning question: Do you need a rooster? Most would assume you require a rooster to help develop an egg, but we'll dig a little deeper.

Let's take a look at the usefulness of a rooster versus a hen. A hen can lay eggs, and they can be efficiently utilized as meat, and raise future day old chicks. A rooster or cockerel can be used as meat. Pound for pound, hens are way more useful. The biggest misconception is that roosters are needed for egg production, and that is just not the case. Roosters, if anything only serves to aid in egg fertilization. A hen will lay an egg with or without a rooster. Although if a rooster has managed to fertile the egg then you will have a much more limited window to collect the eggs. If you're that flock owner that leaves eggs alone for a bit with the free-range chickens, a fertilized egg can start developing in as little as four days, leading to a very awkward breakfast morning!

Taking the rooster out of the equation not only leaves more room for hens it reduces the number of fertilized eggs and reduces stress within the flock. Without a male, the hens cohabitate nicely, and production increases due to reduced stress.

Wisely deciding to keep a rooster isn’t a bad thing, though. Roosters are generally more decorative in shows and competitions, and the classic cock-a-doodle-doo is just one of those nostalgic staples of the farm. Plus, if you do intend breeding your chicks, you will absolutely require a rooster. But if you’re merely keeping a male chicken around out of a sense of responsibility, please do reconsider that. They’re fun, but they’re definitely unrequired for a happy, healthy flock of chickens.

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