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1st Generation Family-Owned

At Catch a Torii Farms home of The Poultry Hatchery We provide the highest quality poultry, feeds and equipment to our customers. We have been a trusted and knowledgeable industry resource since 2011. Catch a Torii Farms is dedicated to offering a diverse breed of day old bantams, chicks, ducks, turkeys, guineas, geese and pheasants. Whether you're an experienced grower or an enthusiastic beginner, we know you will enjoy our wide selection of breeds and supplies to help you grow your flock.


Here at Catch a Torii Farms we often start our day before the rooster crows! In the morning when we walk in, flip on the lights and check our hatches through our view-able windows we see wonderfully hatched, less than a day-old baby chicks. We view hatching chicks as an art form rather than a skill and nothing makes us happier then being the best in the world at our art.


We are a family owned and operated business based in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Western New York. We believe firmly in the humane treatment and handling of our birds and above all else, our poultry is treated with the utmost respect and care to ensure we are giving back the gifts they give to us. All our poultry enjoys clean, spacious living conditions with outdoor access to sustainable natural grazing and fresh water. Our supplemental feeds include only non-GMO, all-natural grains. We do not limit our birds to rearing cages or restrict their movement; this ensures that all our animals enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Chicken Farm


Our beliefs are simple:

  • Prevention is the best medicine - No chemicals are injected or ingested through food and water.

  • Clean living conditions are the best preventative - We eliminate the need for human-made chemicals. Not only does the human body benefit from eating and raising chemical-free foods, but your poultry does too!

  • No crowded living conditions - Poultry raised in crowded cages need large-amounts of antibiotics to stay alive and can still have health problems.

  • Knowledge is power - We have helped many small homesteads, family farms, and beginner farmers start a new backyard poultry flock or raise their own meat birds for family or commercial production.



Our company principles:

With Catch a Torii Farms, our customer care is guided by four principles that make it the best in our industry!


  • Honesty: It’s the best policy! We provide all of the information upfront, through every step of the process. Nothing is hidden from you.

  • Directness: Your time is important to us and growing our relationship with you is an essential goal of our customer service.

  • Kindness: Caring for our clients and for each other is our number one goal; we are here to help you!

  • Empowerment: We help educate our clients! We are all capable of more than we realize. Let us help you learn and grow as do-it-yourselfers.



Your positive experience means everything to us! Please let us know if you have questions, as we believe that sharing is the only way to grow.

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