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Customer Care

We aim to be very responsive with our customers and offer a helping hand with any questions you may have before and after your purchase. Your success is our happiness. Texting us is best as their is more of you than us and we can multitask, although for those who prefer we are happy to jump on a quick call.

Cell: 585-209-3223


Privacy & Safety

We respect your privacy and information. Any information provided to us will be used to complete the sale/purchase of our chicks, feed, hatching eggs, and/or equipement. You will be given a receipt upon completion for your records. 

Wholesale Inquiries

We thank you for your interest in wholesale but at this time we carter to beginner and small/medium farms. We do offer discount price breaks for quanities up to 100 birds. 

Payment Methods

To keep our prices low and to cut out the middleman for lack of a better term and additional fees. Our pricing reflects payment in cash.

We DO NOT accept checks, credit cards, PayPal and or any other processor at the time of sale. If you pre-book or reserve a future hatch date you would need to place a card on hold or mail a check in the amount in the event you fail to show for your birds. Order cancellation fees will be subtracted, and any adjustments refunds/debits will be made.

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