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Ameraucana / Easter Egger

Ameraucana / Easter Egger


Ameraucana / Easter Egger chickens are recognized for their bright blue, green, and light brown eggs, which make them a popular breed. A mature Ameraucana is a medium-sized bird with a pea comb that is exceptionally resilient and comes in a stunning array of colors and color patterns to create a stunning laying flock.


This breed is one of our most popular purchased egg layer and loved by many backyard chicken keppers of all sizes. This is an egg color you wont find in stores!


Hen 5.5 lbs - Rooster 6.5lbs 

Purpose: Dual Purpose, egg laying and meat production

Egg Shell Color: blue, green, olive 

Egg Production 180-240 medium eggs per year

Ameraucana / Easter Egger

PriceFrom $4.10
  • Hatching weekly: every Friday

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