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Buff Orpington



Buff Orprington's are a large multi-purpose breed that can be used as broilers or egg layers and is very hearty in cold weather climates. It's fluffy, motherly and very friendly. This breed is definitely an American favorite and their "buff" coloring make them attractive to look at. No matter what size farm or if you are just looking to raise your own backyard flock the Buff Orpington is the way to go.


Hen 8 Lbs - Rooster 10 lbs - Pullet 7 lbs - Cockeral 8 1/2 lbs

Puprose: Dual Purpose, egg laying and meat production

Egg Shell Color: Brown

Egg Production: 200-280 eggs per year

Buff Orpington

PriceFrom $4.10
  • Hatching weekly: every Friday