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The Delaware originated in the US in the state of Delaware. It was once an important food bird in the US but is now considered critically endangered. Its primarily a meat bird but the hens can lay up to 280 eggs per year. Because of this it’s an excellent choice for a dual-purpose bird.


Their eggs are typically large and brown. The Delaware are good foragers for free range flocks and get along very well with other large chicken breeds. They mature relatively fast and have a calm temperament.


Hen 6 1/2 lbs - Pullet 5 1/2 lbs - Rooster 8 1/2 lbs - Cockerel 7 1/2 lbs

Purpose: Dual Purpose, egg laying and meat production

Egg Shell Color: Brown

Egg Production 180-280 eggs per year



PriceFrom $4.73
  • Hatching weekly: every Friday