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Light Brahma



The Light Brahma originated in Asia and was mainly used as a meat bird in the United states. They are exceptionally quiet, gentle, easy to handle and make great child friendly pets. Their primary use is as a meat bird but are considered dual purpose; laying approximately 180-240 eggs per year.


Their generous size makes them stand out in a flock. The Light Brahma’s heavy plumage and feathery legs make them almost immune to wintry weather, but they need plenty of water and good shade during the summer months.


Hen 9 1/2 lbs - Rooster 12 lbs - Pullet 8 lbs - Cockerel 10 lbs

Purpose: Dual Purpose, egg laying and meat production

Egg Shell Color: Brown

Egg Production 180-240 eggs per year

Light Brahma

PriceFrom $4.64
  • Hatching weekly: every Friday