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Red Broiler



If you are looking for a fast-growing meat bird, our Jumbo White Cornish Cross Broilers should be your first choice.


The red broiler is known for its slower growth but more gourment flavor which is preferred by many high-end restraunt chefs. Unlike the standard white cornish broiler our red broilers come in a viarty of colors-- red, grey, multicolored and white with red flecking. This breed does well in pastured enviorment but also can be raised in a coop with other egg laying breeds.


Matures between 12-14 weeks at 8-11 lbs.

Purpose: Meat Production

Temperment: Docile

Egg Shell Color: Light Brown
Egg Production: Poor



*Catch a Torii Farms  first-generation stock have been selected for fast feathering, rapid growth, best feed conversion ratios and broad breasts. These weights are estimates. End results can vary depending on feed type and quality, health, free-range methods, and other factors.


*Vitamins and Electrolytes are highly suggested to be added to their water on and off throughout the raising to prevent any leg weakness problems. 

Red Broiler

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