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Salmon Faverolle



Salmon Faverolle is the most common breed of Faverolle which originates from France. It has a very unique and interesting look with its muffs, beard, feathered legs and 5 toes. It is truly a wonderful ornamental bird to add to your flock and has a calm non-aggressive demeanor. Its very hardy during the wintery months and are good egg layers year around. The Salmon Faverolle can lay up to 240 medium sized eggs per year which are light brown or tinted.


Hen 6 1/2 lbs - Rooster 8 lbs - Pullet - 5 1/2 lbs - Cockerel  7 lbs.

Purpose: Ornamental and Dual Purpose: eggs and meat production

Egg Shell Color: Light Brown

Egg Production: 180-240 eggs per year

Salmon Faverolle

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